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In 1973 my father Tom Workman Sr and his best friend Bob Whittkamp purchased their first carpet cleaning machine from my grandfather. This was the start of three generations of carpet cleaning. Over the past 40 years the carpet cleaning industry has changed a lot. Great improvements in safe healthy detergents and stain protection. More powerful equipment, healthy effective cleaning products, and properly applied protectors help us give you the healthiest carpet possible.
 Carpet holds a lot of dirt before it starts looking dirty. Billions of dollars have been spent to design carpet to hide dirt. The majority of the dirt in your carpet is dry soil that is best removed with a vacuum. We thoroughly vacuum with a powerful canister back pack vacuum to remove as much dry soil as possible before starting the cleaning process. Keeping dry soil from building up in the carpets is very important to the life and beauty of your carpet. We can clean the dirt from your carpet but dry soil scratches the carpet fibers causing a dulling that can’t be cleaned out. Vacuuming regularly and thoroughly is the key to a happy health carpet.
After vacuuming the carpet from edge to edge, an encapsulating hydrogen peroxide detergent is sprayed on to the carpet. The detergent breaks down greasy soils and gets them ready for rinsing. The hydrogen peroxide in the detergent is a very safe effective deodorizer and helps brighten the colors of the carpet. Areas that are really soiled will get extra detergent and agitation with a pile rake. We use encapsulating detergents because if any residue is left behind it envelops any remaining soil and dries to a dry brittle crystal that vacuums from the carpet. This ensures we always leave your carpets residue free.
While the detergent is given time to do its work any problem areas get treated. Urine treatments, gum removal, paint removal, and red stain remover are included with our carpet cleaning service. Cat urine problems can require more extensive service in order to correct. Cat urine is high in surfactants and penetrates through the carpet and pad into the subfloor underneath. This can be corrected this an immersion treatment. This involves 5 gallon buckets of enzyme detergent poured on the affected area until it is completely flooded and then left for at least 4 hours. The area then gets a flood extraction and air movers. The enzymes keep working until the floor dries.
For residential carpets we use a powerful truck mounted hot water extraction machine to rinse the dirt and detergent from the carpets. This machine heat the water over 200 degrees and applies a focused rinse and is immediately sucked up. The spray is spread between six jets to provide a focused even rinsing of the carpet. The vacuum in the machine creates a huge amount of suction and airflow that recovers most of the water used. To further dry the carpet we make a very thorough drying pass. Any trouble areas get retreated with the encapsulating pre-treatment and then re-cleaned.
To keep the carpets as clean as possible for as long as possible we treat them with a Scotch guard treatment after cleaning. Scotch guard protects the carpet from water and oil based stains by increasing the surface tension of the fibers. This gives you time to get a spill up before it soaks in to the carpet. It also changes the static charge of the carpet fibers so that dry soil doesn’t stick to the fibers and come more easily during vacuuming. The Scotch guard is mixed to cover the serviced area and sprayed on the carpet.
The Scotch guard is worked into the carpet with a pile rack. The pile rack also removes the wand marks from cleaning and sets the carpet pile so it dries faster. To keep you carpets clean and healthy between cleaning they should be completely vacuumed once a minimum of once a week. Traffic areas may need to be vacuumed daily. For spills use a small dot of Dawn dish detergent in a small bowl. Blot on to the spot and blot dry. After cleaning the spot blot with plain water and put a clean white towel on top with a weight and leave overnight. As the water dries it will draw the spot into the cloth.


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