Marble Restoration

We, at The Floor Cleaning Experts, provide incredibly thorough and high quality Marble Restoration in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater.

Marble restoration is a labor of love for the Floor Cleaning Experts!  We’ll restore the WOW to your marble floor.

Marble has been used as a floor covering for thousands of years because of its beauty and durability.  Worn dull marble floors can be brought back to life with a combination of marble leveling and marble polishing.  Newly installed marble floors may need leveling and polishing to bring the true beauty of your floor. Floor Cleaning Experts offers a free floor evaluation and exact price quote to all customers inTampa,St Petersburg,Clearwater, and the surrounding communities.

Marble floor leveling or marble lippage removal smoothes out an improperly installed marble floor and gives a smooth even surface for marble polishing. The edges are aggressively ground level so the entire floor is even and flowing.  A level marble floor can be brought to a much higher level of shine and is easier to clean.

When your marble floor is level our marble polishing brings the marble floor back to life.  Dull listless colors start to shine from the marble with new life.  Our Floor Cleaning Experts truly enjoy watching a dull dirty marble come back to life.  We use a high speed dry marble polishing process on most marble floors to minimize the mess and inconvenience of having your marble polished.   Our goal is to give you extremely clean shiny marble while making the process as easy for you as possible.

Floor Cleaning Experts is a Drytreat Certified applicator and seals marble with Drytreat Stainproof and Enchance Plus with 15 year warranty.  The Drytreat Enhace Plus deepens the colors in the stone and the Drytreat Stainproof seals the stone for life.


Marble Restoration

Marble Leveling

Lippage removal is done with aggressive metal diamond marble polishing plates.  After the marble floor leveling the stone is then honed and polished to the desired finish.

Marble Honing

Marble honing is required for marble scratch removal. The marble polished with multiple grits of diamond to remove scratches and restore the marble floor to an even shine.

Marble Dry Polishing

Marble polishing restores Marbles lost luster.  Buffing marble with high speed diamond embedded marble polishing pads restores the lost shine and luster without a powdery wet mess.

Marble Powder Polishing

To get marble really shiny marble powder polishing melts the edges off of the ultra tiny scratches left from the dry polishing.  This deepens the luster considerablely. Powder polishing marble uses a paste of polishing powder and water scrubbed by a weighted marble polishing machine.

Marble Cleaning

Marble floor cleaner is scrubbed into the floor and rinsed with a hot water extraction machine

Marble Buffing

Marble floor buffing with hogs hair pads dry the floor and remove any water spots giving marble a clean clear surface.

Marble Sealing

Drytreat Stain Proof Sealer

Drytreats Stain Proof marble sealer permanently seals grout and stone.  This product penetrates 3times as deep as most penetrating sealers and bonds itself to the molecular structure of the stone or grout.  Stain Proof comes with a manufactures15 year warranty when applied by a certified applicator.

Drytreat Enhance Plus

Enhance Plus color enhancing marble sealer brings out the natural beauty in your marble floor by enhancing the contrast between the colors. This can really add to the beauty of your floor.


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