Terrazzo Restoration

For as far back as the Golden Age of Rome, people have been using terrazzo as a flooring material because of it’s durability and charm.  This mosaic of marble is a favorite for warm climate homes like here in the Greater Tampa Bay Area.  Terrazzo lends a cool finish, commercial buildings that endure a lot of foot traffic, as well as museums and historical buildings that prefer it’s economical beauty.

It is because of the very ease of care that terrazzo offers over the long run, that this flooring material is left to dull and lose it’s glass like sheen and luster.

Terrazzo needs only infrequent, but intensive, maintenance and refinishing to give a lifetime of beautiful flooring.

Terrazzo is made from small pieces or marble mixed with cement.  The surface layer of a terrazzo floor has extra marble chips that have been added during the installation process to cover nearly 70% of the exposed area, which gives it it’s elegant finish.

How to maintain Terrazzo

A terrazzo floor is mostly marble.  Terrazzo requires polishing to maintain it’s beauty and shine.  The cement that the marble is suspended in is porous and must be sealed to prevent staining.

If you have found that your terrazzo floor is lifeless, call the Floor Cleaning Experts.  We successfully polish and restore terrazzo floors.  Our marble experts can patch and repair terrazzo that has been covered by wall to wall carpeting, or damaged from daily wear and tear.

The Floor Cleaning Experts specializes in floor restoration, crack repair, polishing/vitrification.

Floor Cleaning Experts Terrazzo Restoration Process

  • Surface preparation including removal of paint, stains, sealers, adhesives and glues.
  • Terrazzo-Concrete-Stone grinding, polishing and vitrifying.
  • Crack Repair/Restoration/Refinishing of hard surfaces including: terrazzo, tile, stone and concrete.

The Floor Cleaning Experts has developed a safe, non invasive method for the restoration of:

  • Terrazzo
  • Concrete
  • Natural/Cultured Stone

Our unique ability to gently lift and remove the “permanent sealer” along with the years of buildup of various residues allows us to present a surface ready for a new sealant and polished finish.  In fact, our removal is so complete the floor has to be treated like a brand new floor and protected immediately.

Terrazzo Floors Problem Areas

Some common problems described to us include:

  • Loose Terrazzo Tiles,
  • Terrazzo that has “bubbled up”, and delaminated
  • Terrazzo that makes one or more of the following sounds – rattle, creek, hollow, or clacking.


Residential and Commercial Services

We provide floor restoration, grinding and polishing services for customers that include fine homes, hospitals, schools, airports, shopping malls, houses of worship, historical building restorations, factories, personal residences, commerce centers and other corporate facilities throughout Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties.

The Floor Cleaning Experts Terrazzo Restoration Advantage:


  • Virtually Dust Free
  • Little (if any) Noise Intrusion
  • Non-invasive
  • Cost-effective

Floor Cleaning Experts has the experience and technology to bring your floor surface investment back to new condition.  With our mobile service teams Floor Cleaning Experts has the capabilities to meet your needs where ever those needs may be.  We have the resources to service all of the greater Tampa/St. Petersburg area

Vitrification and Polishing Terrazzo Floors

The Floor Cleaning Experts unique approach allows your business to function without any down time.  In most cases we are in at night and gone by morning.  We will work in the time frame that best suits your individual needs.

The Floor Cleaning Experts also has an alternative to the long & labor intensive of stripping, waxing and burnishing (usually required 1-2 times a year).  We offer a time-proven method of polishing, with the most up to date techniques in use which yields far better results with a more permanent finish. In conjunction with normal maintenance, our proven system should give the floor 5-10 years of a cleaner, brighter and more lustrous finish than that of waxing (depending on cleaning methods).

Floor Cleaning Experts Terrazzo Restoration Benefits

  • Stripping, waxing, and burnishing are eliminated.
  • Durable, scuff resistant, non-slip finish.
  • Eliminates discoloring wax build up.
  • Enhancement and retention of floor’s natural colors and shine.
  • Hardened surface that reduces maintenance.
  • Much longer shine.
  • Levels curled (uneven) floors, lippage, and high divider strips.
  • Maximizes floor life.
  • No down time for drying.


Floor Cleaning Experts Terrazzo Refinishing process offers the following services for your terrazzo floors:

  • Terrazzo Restoration
  • Terrazzo Grinding, Polishing and Vitrification
  • Terrazzo Sealing
  • Terrazzo Maintenance and Care
  • Terrazzo Cleaning
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