Vinyl Tile (VCT) Strip and Waxing

Although vinyl floors can be extremely durable, they need proper maintenance to preserve their resilience and shine. Without proper maintenance, vinyl floors lose their shine, develop wax buildup, yellow discoloration, scratches and abrasions; and act like a magnet that attracts dirt. The Floor Cleaning Experts provide stripping, sealing and waxing to restore the look of your floor. To keep your floors looking mirror bright, we can provide regular maintenance which includes high speed buffing and periodic scrubbing and re-coating.

Floor Cleaning Experts works with commerical businesses in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and all of Hillsborough and Pinellas County Florida to ensure that their VCT maintenance is done beautifully.


VCT Stripping and Waxing Hazards

Properly trained technicians, like those at Floor Cleaning Experts are critical in the care of VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) as using traditional flooring methods can lead quickly to a separation of the adhesives that hold the vinyl to the floor.  Too much heat, or too much water, and there is the potential for disaster.   The right tools, the right chemicals, the right training, and your VCT flooring will be ready the next business day with no fear of business interruption.


When do you know you need professional help stripping and waxing Vinyl Composite Tiles?

Floor Cleaning Experts offers full strip and wax services for linoleum and vinyl floors at your business. If you see flakes of wax from your floor while you are sweeping, it is time for a deep cleaning of your flooring. Floor Cleaning Experts can bring neglected flooring back to life again.


Proper Vinyl Composite Tile Stripping and Waxing

To do a floor properly requires stripping, sealing, waxing and plain good quality workmanship. The dark areas around the edges of darker floors are generally just plain wax buildup in most cases and can be eliminated by plain old-fashioned scraping. The same is the cause of yellowing and darker areas around edges, corners and doors on lighter floors.


Vinyl Composite Tile Stripping and Waxing to your specification.

Floor Cleaning Experts performs the work to your specifications and to your expectations. We use only high quality products to achieve the best results possible. Whether your floor is done on an ongoing basis with burnishing or buffing or just a once or twice a year wax or recoat we give you workmanship you can trust.

As with all quality workmanship, once your floor is properly stripped and waxed,  upkeep is much easier with better results.

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