Marble Floors cleaned and sealed by Floor Cleaning Experts.

Marble Cleaning and Sealing.

Exterior marble floor cleaning and sealing is much different then cleaning and sealing a marble floor inside the home.  The exposure to the elements, the need for reduced slip potential, and the abrasive action of the dirt and sand make it a challenging surface to keep looking consistent and clean. Marble floor cleaning and sealing outside needs products able to endure the brutal effects of out Florida summers.

Interior marble is polished to make it clean and consistently shiny but polishing an exterior marble floor can make it too slippery and make a surface that will develop a very inconsistent look as the elements wear the shine off in the areas of heaviest exposure.  Some people mistakenly apply a topical coating to the marble floor to get the consistency.  This has the same problem that polishing the marble presents: Slippery and uneven wear and needs to be stripped from the marble floor when it goes bad.  Both of these solutions create a need for more frequent service to maintain consistency.

The proper way to care for an outdoor marble floor is to clean it very thoroughly and then seal it with a color enhancing penetrating sealer.  The color enhancer penetrates into the stone and deepens the colors of the marble floor,  It will also remove any chalkiness in the floor and give it a soft luster.  While this will wear with exposure to the elements it is much easier to refresh then a topical coating that needs to be stripped.

After enhancing we seal the floor with Drytreat Stainproof with 15 year warranty.  This product penetrates into the stone and then bonds to the molecular structure of the stone.  This provides a permanent water and oil repellent.  Once sealed the product never needs to re-applied again.

At the Floor Cleaning Experts  our passion is finding the best solutions to make your floors as easy to keep beautiful as possible.  Call us at 727-399-8803 if you would like more information on how we can help you with your floor challenges.

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