Concrete Floor Polishing & Restoration!

Concrete floors buffed and polished

Whether capitalizing on a new trend or just cleaning your old concrete floors – perfect every time!

Our Concrete Polishing Projects

Polished concrete has emerged from the working garage floor, to become the latest in industrial modern beauty.

What used to be the ugly old concrete floors, the ones you spilled used car oil on, the ones you ignored, the floors relegated to spaces company never visited, have today become polished filled dyed and beautiful showplaces.  As industrial modern has advanced beyond “trend” these once neglected and ignored floors are coming into their own as showplaces of shine, luster and even elegance.

More often than not, when we approach these floors, it’s not the easy, new construction, but the existing abused tattered spilled on even lumpy floors of old.  The first order of business is removing old stains, filling in cracks, and leveling the floor so that it becomes showroom quality.  Concrete holds a special reward for The Floor Cleaning Experts.  Unlike Terrazzo, or Marble, or Travertine, most marble floors were never intended to be beautiful.  To create a beautiful floor out of what was utilitarian and forgotten holds a certain amount of joy.

More than the satisfaction of a beautiful floor, the look of amazement on the part of both commercial and residential property owners when they see their old floor become a showcase, is a huge blessing of satisfaction.

Look to The Floor Cleaning Experts today.  Whether it is simply clean up of industrial floors, or creating a shining beautiful floor out of long ago neglected and forgotten concrete, we’ll treat it with the respect it deserves.

Some Stats

Everyone’s stone floor is as unique as the person that chose the floor in the first place.  Your floors, counters, walls, deserve someone’s attention that has “been there” and “done that”.  We’ll treat each floor with the respect it deserves, especially when it comes to clean up, and protecting the environment that the stone lives in.  With the investment you have in your floors, you’d never settle for someone’s first time out, and we would never give you anything but our best.

Concrete Floors Restored

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You just might get a surprise opera sample when getting your stone floors refinished.

We run a magnificent team of highly qualified stone professionals. Each person that is in your office, or home, has been trained by Tom Workman, a third generation Floor Cleaning Expert.

In Tom’s spare time, he is an active participant in local theater, and local opera, as well as relaxing with a raucous weekend band of a fun-loving ragtag collection of misfits!

Life is not all work – but your floors – that’s serious business.

Tom Workman

Third Generation Floor Cleaning Expert


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OperMan Tampa

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OperaMan Tampa

We Love Your Floors

We will treat them like our own, just like we have for 3 generations.

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We can’t wait to hear about your Concrete floor (or paver) Project!   Reach out to us, and we will be back to you promptly and professionally.

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Professional Cleaning & Polishing of Concrete Floors

Concrete floor cleaning, re-sanding, and sealing are needed to keep concrete floors looking clean and new. Concrete is very coarse, porous, and absorbent when unsealed or when the concrete floor sealer has broken down. Dirt and organic material get embedded deep in the concrete. Concrete is cleaned using a pressure washing system. Pressurized water is used to blast the deeply embedded soils and organic material from the concrete.

If the concrete was sealed with a topical coating it will most likely need to be stripped from the floor before cleaning.  Concrete is usually sealed with solvent-based coating. To strip this type of coating from the concrete floor requires a solvent-based coating stripper be applied to the entire surface. This breaks down the acrylic in the topical coating and causes it to soften and rise to the surface where it can be removed.

The pavers are pretreated with a 10-15% muriatic acid solution. This will loosen embedded stains and get them ready for pressure washing. Areas with heavy organic staining should be pretreated with a concentrated bleach solution. Pressure washing is used to draw the dirt and organic material from the concrete floor and remove it from the environment using an oscillating pressure wash tip. This spins the water creating more energy to draw dirt and organic material from the concrete. Dirt and detergent are worked with the flow of water to move it to a place where it can be collected and removed.

Once the floor is clean, the surrounding walls, fixtures, and screens are lightly washed to remove any debris caused by the pressure washing. Areas that did not restore completely with the pressure washing may need special attention. Oily areas, especially in garages with concrete floors, may need a poultice to draw the oil from the floor, rust spots need to be treated with a rust remover and rinsed, and heavy organic stains (Plant food, Urine, mildew, etc) treated with a concentrated bleach solution. These areas will then need to be pressure washed again.

A concrete floor should be re-sanded twice a year. After sanding the concrete floor is thoroughly dried. The floor is swept clear of debris and prepped for the application of a sealer.   It is possible the floor will need to be ground to become level, or cracks filled, depending on the quality of the floor, or depending on how you, our customer, wants it.   The two choices of sealer on pavers are topical coatings and penetrating sealers. There are strengths and weaknesses to both types of sealer.

Topical coatings are sealers that form a protective barrier across the surface of the material they are sealing. Most outdoor concrete uses a solvent base that is very durable but very difficult to work with. Solvent-based topical sealers will give depth to the color of your floor and a slight luster to the surface. Solvent sealers are very moisture sensitive and will turn white if the pavers are not completely dry when applied. Solvent coatings will last between one and three years before needing to be stripped and re-coated. Penetrating sealers work by soaking into the pores of the pavers and changes the chemistry of the concrete so that water doesn’t soak in and oils don’t adhere to the surface. This protects the floor from inside the concrete.  If we are working on an outdoor, as opposed to an indoor concrete floor, penetrating sealers need to have a UV protector to keep sun exposure from quickly degrading your sealer.

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