Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Professional Commercial Floor Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Commercial carpet cleaning is much more complex than residential carpet cleaning. There are many more variables in a commercial environment that need to be considered. The type of fiber used in the carpet, the type and amount of traffic the carpet gets, and the amount of time the carpet can be out of service will determining what commercial cleaning system is used. The key to keeping high traffic carpeted floors looking clean is proper maintenance.

The buildup of soils in the commercial carpets not only make the carpets look dirty they scratch and abrade the carpet fibers causing damage that won’t clean away. Carpets need regular thorough vacuuming, maintenance cleanings to remove spots and soil buildup, and periodic restorative hot water extraction cleaning. Scotch guard or Teflon carpets protector should be reapplied every year. A commercial carpet maintenance program should be created to establish a schedule of services to be performed to maintain the carpets. Area with higher traffic will need more frequent cleaning while less used areas will be cleaned much less often. The goal is to catch the soil at the entry points and keep it tracking through the rest of the floor. An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure.

Walk off matting at the entry points and transitionsfrom kitchens will capture dirt and greases on the shoes. Capturing it in the matting instead of being tracked throughout the floor. Walk off matting can be leased and washed and maintained for you. Vacuuming is the single most important part of any commercial carpet maintenance plan. Dry dirt makes up 87% of what is in the carpet making it look dirty. Dry dirt comes up best with a powerful dry vacuum with agitation. In large commercial environments high efficiency walk behind vacuums can vacuum thousands of feet per hour.

The frequency a floor is vacuumed will depend on the amount of traffic it gets. The entry lobby may get vacuumed every couple of hours while the hallways get vacuumed 2-3 times a week. The more you vacuum your commercial carpet the better it will perform. Proper diligent vacuum can minimize maintenance and hot water extraction cleanings. Low moisture commercial carpet maintenance cleaning systems are used between more invasive hot water extraction cleanings to remove soils build up, oily films, and make the carpet fibers easier to vacuum.

The three main types are: Encapsulating dry foam cleaning, absorbent bonnet cleaning, and absorbent compound cleaning. Encapsulating dry foam cleaning uses a crystalizing polymer to coat the carpet fiber. This envelopes any soil or oily residues on the carpet fiber encapsulating them and then drying to a dry brittle shell that shatters and vacuums easily from the carpet. This is very effective in controlling the buildup of dry soil and is one of the most cost. Floor Cleaning Experts encapsulating cleaner of choice is the Cimex dual-plenary cleaning machine with carpet scrubbing pads. This machine applies an even flow of encapsulation detergent to the carpet scrubbing pads. The pads scrub the soil from the fibers and mix it with the detergent. The soil embedded detergent slides to the base of the carpet fibe and become enveloped by the detergent. The detergent dries to a dry brittle crystal and vacuums easily from the carpet.
Absorbent bonnet cleaning uses a detergent and an absorbent cloth bonnet on either a random orbital or a rotary scrub machine. The floor is sprayed with the bonnet cleaning detergent and then scrubbed with an absorbent cloth bonnet that absorbs the soil and detergent from the floor. This is effectively a light rinse of the floor. Absorbent compound cleaning is an effective way to deal with spills and spot cleaning in areas that cannot be closed to traffic to allow drying. The absorbent compound is applied to the spot or are to be cleaned and then brushed into the fibers. Dirt and oils are absorbed by the cleaning compound and removed with dry vacuuming. Hot water extraction is an invasive restorative cleaning process that is used to remove heavy soil buildup, concentrated greases, and organic material from the carpet.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning uses a detergent to break down the soils and get them ready for rinsing. The dirt and detergent are rinsed from the carpet and the excess moisture is sucked from the carpet. Hot water extraction will remove the most dirt from the carpet but may not make it look the best. This is the most expensive and invasive commercial carpet service. Dry times average 2-6 hours. Regularly treating your carpets with a fiber protector will significantly increase the effectiveness of your vacuuming and spot cleaning. Fiber protectors make is hard for dirt particle to stick to the carpet fibers and keeps spills from penetrating as quickly. This makes vacuuming and spot cleaning much more effective and keeps your carpeting investment protected.




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