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We clean, polish, and seal all types of floors and service Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater, and the surrounding area.  From carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, or our marble polishing our full service approach makes having a beautiful floor as easy on you as possible.

Tampa VCT Stripping and Waxing VCT Construction Cleanup

This Tampa VCT stripping and waxing job shows how a VCT floor should look.  The floor has a clean clear color and a bright durable shine.  The three parts of getting a clean clear shiny floor are a thorough stripping followed by a thorough cleaning and edge detailing...

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St Petersburg Porcelain Tile Polishing and Sealing

Porcelain tile polishing can correct many surface issues with a porcelain tile floor.   This porcelain tile floor in St petersburg had been left in the rain and had developed an imprint of the backing on the surface of the tile.  After calling three other companies...

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St. Petersburg Terrazo Restoration

This St Petersburg terrazzo restoration started with some serious problems. One of the marble stones in the terrazzo had dissolved leaving pea shaped holes pitting the surface. The holes were filed with

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St. Petersburg Travertine Powder Polishing

This travertine floor was dull and lifeless before out travertine powder polishing.  Powder polishing travertine restores the lost luster to the travertine floor by blending out the small travertine scratches  and making the travertine reflect light better. Powder...

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Quarry Tile Stripping, Cleaning, and Waxing

This 1940's Mosaic Quarry tile floor was coated in a yellowing old acrylic coating.  Our Quarry tile stripping and waxing service removed to old coating from the quarry tile and the grout.  The tile and grout was then cleaned with our truck mounted tile and grout...

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Wood Floor Cleaning and Polishing

This St Petersburg wood floor cleaning and polishing started with a Murphy's Oil Soap residue that left the finish dull and cloudy.  The first step of our wood floor cleaning process is to spray a solvent based detergent on the floor to break down the oils.  This is...

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St. Petersburg Marble Floor Polishing

This example of high gloss marble floor polishing shows how shiny and reflective a marble floor can be. To get a high gloss marble polish shine from a marble floor the marble must be level and honed to between 800-3600 grit. Marble polishing with an marble restoration...

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