We, at The Floor Cleaning Experts, provide incredibly thorough and high quality Slate Cleaning, Restoration & Sealing in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater

Slate is a sedimentary stone that is formed in layers.  This makes slate floor restoration more complex because the slate floor cannot be restored by honing and polishing.  Slate floors require stripping, cleaning and resealing for slate floor restoration.

Slate Stripping:

The first step in the slate floor cleaning and restoration process is to strip any topical coatings from the slate floor.  Removing the finish coat from the slate floor will remove the majority of the soil and dullness from the slate floor.

Slate Cleaning:

Using a low speed scrubber with a brush attachment the slate floor has a slate cleaning detergent scrubbed into the surface to list the soils and emulsified slate floor finish from the grooves and texture of the slate floor.  The slate is then rinsed with a hot water extraction tool to clean the slate and the grout.

Slate Sealing:

Slate floors can be sealed with either a topical slate floor sealer or a penetrating slate floor sealer.  A topical slate tile sealer is used to give the slate floor a matte or semi-gloss appearance while a penetrating slate sealer soaks into the pores of the slate tile making them water repellent and enhancing the natural color of the slate tiles.

Drytreat Stain Proof Sealer

Drytreat Stain Proof sealer permanently seals grout and stone.  This product penetrates 3 times as deep as most penetrating sealers and bonds itself to the molecular structure of the stone or grout.  Stain Proof comes with a manufactures 15 year warranty when applied by a certified applicator.

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