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Full Restoration Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing

How clean does your full restoration tile and grout cleaning get my grout?

The Floor Cleaning Experts truck mounted hot water extraction full restoration tile and grout cleaning will get your grout as clean as it was when it was first poured. Our two detergent full restoration tile and grout cleaning process will remove all types of soil and stains from the grout getting the grout as clean as new.

 Does my grout need to have a color sealer to get an even consistent color?

No! We clean the dirt and stains out of your grout. We do not paint over them. Not all cleaning companies invest the $26,000 for a 1200 psi, 250 degree, 4-5 gallon a minute truck mounted grout cleaning machine. This incredible rinse combined with the right cleaning chemistry guarantees that we will get your grout as clean as it was when it was first poured. Our tile and grout cleaning process is also good for removing grout color sealer.

Is your tile and grout steam cleaning safe for my base boards and cabinets?

Our truck mounted tile and grout cleaning machine uses between 4-5 gallons of 250 degree 1200 PSI water a minute to flush your grout clean. This is done under a contained wash head with vacuum ports around the edge to keep the water contained under the wash head. Our tile and grout cleaning will never get your floor more then mop damp.

Stone Leveling Restoration Polishing and Sealing

What do you do to protect my home when doing stone leveling or aggressive marble honing and polishing? What kind of damage is possible?

Stone leveling is the most aggressive and messy thing we do. Stone leveling and aggressive honing of marble, travertine, or limestone floors grind the surface from the stone floor. This creates a wet slurry that is very messy. Your walls and base boards are protected using blue painters tape and 4’ high plastic sheeting to keep this confined to the floor area we are servicing. Areas that are delicate or requiring heavy grinding close to a delicate area get a layer of duct tape to provide extra abrasion resistance. Cabinets get wrapped in plastic and areas that are not getting serviced get separated from the mess by taping them off with plastic sheeting.

WITH STONE LEVELING BASEBOARDS SHOULD BE REMOVED. BASEBOARDS MAY REQUIRE REPAINTING IF NOT REMOVED. Baseboards can need repainting due to the protective taping pulling the paint off when it is removed. We use the highest quality taping products and work in a careful conscientious manner to reduce the risk of damage but cannot prevent this.

Can you make my travertine floor as shiny a marble floor or a granite counter top after it is leveled?

Floor Cleaning Experts can bring a very high shine from your travertine floor but it is very different then the shine from marble or granite. Travertine is a stone formed in mineral springs that hasn’t had the heat and intense pressure that marble and granite did during their formation. Travertine has fissures through it that are filled with either an epoxy or a travertine filler.   The filler polishes to a lower level of luster then the true stone. This is usually only visible from one direction under close scrutiny. This is the nature of the stone.

My marble floor is uneven, has scratches, and has lots its shine. Will marble powder polishing bring my marble floor back to life?

Powder polishing marble will make it shiny but requires a level floor and it will not remove scratches. Marble needs to be level before it is polished so that the polishing pads can make even contact with the marble floor. This is the only way to get an consistent shine from the marble floor.

Terrazzo Restoration Polishing and Sealing

Do I need to leave or can I live in my home while you restore my terrazzo?

Most likely yes depending on how much of your terrazzo you are restoring. Terrazzo restoration and terrazzo polishing require the entire area being serviced to be empty. Floor Cleaning Experts will move and replace the furniture in a secure location (garage, extra rooms, or a POD). The terrazzo grinding is a very messy process and is very unpleasant to be around. After grinding the surface from the terrazzo floor we apply a strong hydrogen peroxide to the floor that is unhealthy to breath for too long. While harsh to breath when it is down, hydrogen peroxide breaks down to plan water.

Do I need to remove my baseboards and quarter round before having my terrazzo restored?

It is best to remove the baseboards and quarter round before restoring the terrazzo floor. Terrazzo restoration aggressively grinds a layer off of the floor to remove staining. Edge grinding can cut as close as ¼” of the edge of the floor.   If there are baseboards on the terrazzo floor this line may be visible and need to be covered by quarter round. If the base boards are removed this slight line is under the baseboard giving a much more finished looking edge.

We can work with the base boards in place but they will need to be repainted and there may be a thin line around the floor where our hand tools could not get aggressive enough.

Can you guarantee you will get all the stains out of my terrazzo?

While we can remove most stains from a terrazzo floor some terrazzo stains cannot be removed.   Most terrazzo floors are more then 30 years old and may have had other floor installed over them, been flooded, urinated on by dogs, had all manner of nasty things soaked in to its surface. We grind 2-3 millimeters off the floor. Some stains may penetrate all the way through the terrazzo. Deep stains are treated in the grinding process with a concentrated hydrogen peroxide bath over night when the terrazzo has been ground smooth. Any remaining stains left after polishing are treated with a poultice to draw deep stubborn stains from the floor.   SOME STAINS CANNOT BE REMOVED FROM A TERRAZZO.

Wood Floor Cleaning Polishing and Sealing

Will your sandless wood floor cleaning and polishing fix the wood floor scratches from my three great danes?

Our sandless wood floor refinishing process thoroughly cleans the surface of the wood floor polishes the existing floor finish and then recoats the floor with a no wax floor finish. This will not remove heavy scratches or grooves caused by the claws of a big dog on soft wood. We can get the wood floor really clean and really shiny but this will make heavy scratches more evident.

Heavy scratches, grooves, and areas that have had the urethane finish worn through require sanding, staining and coating with a urethane finish.

I tried cleaning my wood floor with Orange Glo wood restorer and now my wood floors are dull and streaky. Did I ruin my wood floor?

This is the most common wood floor call I get. Orange Glo products can leave a hard to remove residue on the wood floor when used improperly. When this residue dries on the wood floor it leaves the wood floor looking streaky and dull.   Our wood floor cleaning aggressively scrubs the wood floor clean and it is then dry polished to remove any remaining residue. This will remove all of the Orange Glo residue. The wood floor is then coated with a no wax floor finish.

The wood floor under my rug is lighter then the wood around it. Will your sandless floor refinishing remove this discoloration?  

Wood floors can change color as they age. Areas that are covered are not exposed to the same conditions as the rest of the wood floor and does not change to match the rest of the floor. This can only be corrected by sanding down the wood floor and staining and applying a urethane coating, We do not sand and refinish wood floors.


Our Guarantee

One last thing I want to mention is our guarantee. It is simply this:


“The Healthiest, Most Thorough Cleaning Ever, or we do it again!”

That is right, if you are not satisfied we will promptly return to re-clean any and all areas of concern (notice I said promptly, and that is exactly what I mean).
What could be more fair?


How about this:

If any spots return with-in two weeks we will gladly return to re-clean them! Not enough? How about one month! Yes it’s true. But how can I afford to do this? Because when we clean your floors the spots don’t come back. However if they do, so will we. Now that is a guarantee!



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