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Wood Floor Refinishing Cleaning

Wood Floor Cleaning

When your wood floor starts to lose its luster, our wood floor cleaning can restore your floors youthful shine servicing the urethane layer of the wood floor.

The floor is cleaned, polished, and coated with a no wax wood floor finish. Regular cleaning and polishing of your wood floor can significantly increase its life. Over time the urethane coating on the wood floor starts to get small scratches in the surface that fill with soil. This starts to make the floor look dull and dingy. Left uncorrected the buildup of damage from dirt being trampled into the surface wears away the beauty of your wood floor. Left unchecked this damage can cause wear that can only be corrected with full refinishing.

To stop this progression the dirt needs to be cleaned and polished out of the scratches in the floor. Then a no wax floor finish can be applied to fill the small scratches and restore the consistency of the floors shine.

Wood floors can be more sensitive to moisture then most other floors so we use a very controlled amount of water in our wood floor cleaning process. The floor is damp mopped with a light ammonia and water to remove the dry dirt and prepare the floor for scrubbing. A 175rpm scrubber with a natural hair polishing pad are used to scrub a wood floor cleaning detergent into the floor. This gently loosens and lifts the soil embedded in the wood floors urethane top coat. If a topical coating or finish needs to be removed from the floor it may get a more aggressive treatment using a stripping detergent and a stripping pad. We start with the safest solution for your floor and only get more aggressive if necessary to correct the problem.

Once the floor has been cleaned and any old finish removed your wood floor gets thoroughly rinsed. Wet microfiber bonnets are used to make sure all of the dirt and detergent residue are completely removed from the floor. The bonnets are used under the 175rpm scrubber to draw any remaining dirt and detergent into the bonnet. Microfibers are minute fibers that cut and lift greases and oils with nothing but plain water. This thoroughly rinses the surface of the wood floor with a very limited amount of water. Before sealing the floor it is dry polished with a clean hogs hair pad to heat the surface of the floor and polish out some of the smaller scratches. This gets the floor ready for the no wax floor finish. Very thorough dry dusting of the floor is the key to a beautiful wood floor finish.

Nothings spoils a shine like a hair ball!  Dry microfiber mops are used to dust mop the floor 3-4 times. Fans should be turned off and the air allowed to settle. This will help keep airborne dust and hair from becoming stuck to the surface.

Most wood floors have a urethane top coating but some can be unfinished, oiled, or paste waxed. A floor with a urethane coating can be coated with a no wax floor finish. A no wax floor finish is a urethane coating that is designed to bond to existing urethane on the wood floor and will not bond properly to an unfinished wood floor. Bald spots or cuts that go all the way through the urethane will not hold a finish and need refinishing.

The no wax floor finish is applied to the floor using microfiber mops to spread a consistent thin layer of finish over the floor. A lot of care is taken to avoid pooling of the finish and to ensure a consistent thin layer. Up to three coats may be applied to a heavily damaged floor. Keeping your wood floor clean after it has been cleaned is easy using microfiber mops. Microfiber mops clean in two different ways: Dry for dusting and wet for cleaning. Used dry they create a natural static cling that captures and holds dust and hair in the microfibers. When the mop head gets full either change heads or take the dirty head outside and brush it clean. Microfiber are more effective Swiffer and do not clog the landfills. Once washed they are new again.

Microfibers are used wet to clean the surface of the wood floor. Nothing but plain water is needed toget the floors completely clean. Microfibers clean by using very small wedge shaped fibers that cut and lifts greases and oils. The water moves the soil into the microfiber and its super absorbent properties keep it there. This thoroughly removes the dirt without leaving a damaging detergent residue behind.

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