Porcelain cleaning, porcelain sealing, porcelain restoration.

Porcelain tile polishing to remove a surface imprint.

Porcelain tile polishing can correct many surface issues with a porcelain tile floor.   This porcelain tile floor in St petersburg had been left in the rain and had developed an imprint of the backing on the surface of the tile.  After calling three other companies and being told there was no way to correct the problem, the customer called the Floor Cleaning Experts.

Porcelain Polishing Process

To remove the imprint the porcelain tile was cleaned then polished using a porcelain tile polishing creme.  The porcelain polishing creme has a special blend of micro abrasives that will polish the imprint off of the surface of the tile while boosting the luster of the tile at the same time.  A rotary polishing machine with a green pad is used to work the polishing creme slowly into the porcelain tile.  The slurry created is pulled from the are being polished with a squeegee and inspected to see if the imprint is gone.  This process is repeated over the floor until all of the imprint is gone and the floor has an even consistent luster from edge to edge.

Porcelain Grout Cleaning Process

Once the surface has been polished free of the imprinting the porcelain tile and grout are cleaned using our truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning process.  This uses a contained pressure washing system to safely rinse any porcelain polishing creme residue from the floor and grout lines.  Our full restoration tile and grout cleaning will get the grout as clean as brand new.

Porcelain Tile Floor Sealing

Porcelain tile is slightly porous and benefits from a penetrating sealer.  This soaks into the grout and tile and changes the chemistry of the tile and grout so as to repel water and oils.  This makes the floor much easier to clean and maintain.

If you have installation problems or difficulty keeping you porcelain tile floor clean call Floor Cleaning  Experts and we will make your floor easy!


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