This St Petersburg wood floor cleaning and polishing started with a Murphy’s Oil Soap residue that left the finish dull and cloudy.  The first step of our wood floor cleaning process is to spray a solvent based detergent on the floor to break down the oils.  This is scrubbed into the floor floor with a natural hair pad on a rotary scrubber to the break down the oil soap.  Microfiber bonnets are used to draw the dirt and detergent from the wood floor.  Wood floor polishing is then done by using a dry natural hair pad under a rotary scrubber to buff the wood floor residue free and ready for finish.  The wood floor is then coated with a no-wax floor finish to fill in small scratches and restore a vibrant shine to the wood floor.

If you you questions about wood floor cleaning and polishing call the Floor Cleaning Experts at 727-399-8803.
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