VCT Stripping and waxing

This Tampa VCT stripping and waxing job shows how a VCT floor should look.  The floor has a clean clear color and a bright durable shine.  The three parts of getting a clean clear shiny floor are a thorough stripping followed by a thorough cleaning and edge detailing of the floor. The VCT is then coated with multiple coats of wax to get the floor looking shiny and new,

VCT Stripping and Waxing Process

VCT floors are coated with wax to give then shine and protection.  As the floor ages and wears dirt and detergent residue become embedded in the wax making it look dull and dirty.  VCT stripping breaks down the layers of wax and removes it from the face of the tile so fresh new wax can be applied.

VCT Stripper is mopped onto the floor and given a few minutes to work.  The stripper is worked into the floor with a 175 rpm rotary scrubber with an aggressive black pad.  This creates a slurry of emulsified wax that is pulled into a puddle with a squeeze and removed.

VCT Edge Detailing Process

The edges of a VCT floor are the hardest and most important part of VCT stripping and waxing.  Edges need to be done by hand and are often neglected by other companies leaving heavy build ups to deal with.  If left these edges would darken or yellow. While the floor in wet with stripper a doodle bug scrub pad is used on all the edges.  Stubborn buildups are removed with a razor scraper.

VCT Cleaning Process

After the floor and edges have been completely stripped of all old VCT floor wax the floor is aggressively mopped to remove any remaining stripper or wax.  Repeat the VCT Cleaning process until everything is removed. Thoroughness is very important at this stage.  any remaining wax will yellow after the floor is waxed.

VCT Waxing Process

Once the VCT floor has bee stripped, cleaned, and dried the floor should be vacuumed or dust mopped just VCT waxing process.  The VCT floor wax is applied in thin coats using a microfiber flat mop to work the finish in thin even layers. We applied six coats of high solids floor wax to build a deep even shine that lasts.

If you need VCT stripping and waxing give Floor Cleaning Experts at 727-399-8803.


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